Saturday, August 16, 2014

Extracurricular Activites

So today I purchased a violin. I have been wanting a violin for quite some time now. There is something about them that is so wonderful, so magical, so...well there are no words to truly describe them. Anytime a violin is added to a song it instantly makes the song epic. Well I am being dramatic but you get the point. I realize that this is something I probably should have started playing when I was like two, but I figure you can never be too old to start.
   I'm not sure what will come out of this but I would really love to be able to be good enough to play so that it doesn't make other's ear drums bleed. These are low goals I suppose but I just want to be able to play. I don't even really need others to hear it. I want to secretly channel Sherlock as my bow glides across the strings as if to somehow channel his genius as well. Ok now I'm just being silly. But seriously I think everyone should have a fun activity that is just for them; something that makes them feel alive. I don't know if the violin will do that for me but I guess there is only one way to find out.

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