Monday, January 28, 2013

Back Cover Blurb for Nalia and the Rise of the Marés (Book 2)

The Land of the North may be restored but it doesn’t mean that all is right in Aetheria. 
Nalia’s mother is still missing and it appears her world may now hold greater threats than anything she could have imagined. When several people begin dying in their sleep, young and old, the rumors surrounding the evil rising in the East looks like it may become a reality. Nalia is soon convinced she is the target of the marés-the dream invaders. 
But when Nalia finds it near impossible to get anyone to even mention the subject she goes on mission to reclaim what they have stolen and find her mother in the process. With the reluctant help of Lyris and their new friend Logan, Nalia must battle the challenges of a new school, new adventures and a quest that will threaten everything she holds dear. 

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