Thursday, August 4, 2011

When Writer's Block Wants to Come Out and Play

"Care for a quick game of tennis?"

    The infamous block. It has ruined the careers and lives of many men! OK, I'm being dramatic, but I'm a writer what do you expect? The truth is, writer's block will ask every writer to come out and play. What is with it anyway? Does it think that I want to do a little dance with it and have lunch?
  Writer's block is almost always about fear. Afraid that we don't have anything good enough or afraid that our idea will be rejected. Or maybe you have the fear of being great and so you are afraid to write the story that will make others start to take notice. Whatever the reason is, it's not something that we look forward to.
   So is there a cure for this infamous block? Well, no, not really. But I think if we can pinpoint what we are afraid of we are on a path to unblocking whatever is blocking us. Writing is about expressing something that you have inside of you. When you are writing, it's not about the reviews, or the critics, or the sales numbers--it's about the story that you were born to tell. A story that only you could tell. Because, one day when you are long gone your writing will still be around. And if your not writing from this place then I would question whether you should be writing whatever it is your writing at all.

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