Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Quotes from NPM

I have added some of my favorite quotes from the first book. Enjoy!

"From Nalia and the Potion Maker 

"It is great for sure and terrible to hold. 
A dreadful fiery substance, truth be told. 
It has brought down kingdoms; it has brought down men. 
It has the same power over twenty or ten. 
Though it starts out small when most easy to quench, 
As it grows in form, it is a most foul stench. 
Though many men have tried foolishly to guise, 
It is those who can tame it who are truly wise." 

“One by one, Agithara poisoned the gravelims with the fruit of the cursed trees, after she had wiped their memories away. And when they were empty of their past joy and kindness, the fruits filled them with every kind of festering evil and treachery.” 

"You cannot understand what she did, what it took. No," Poto was trembling as he said this. His eyes were filled with tears, but he was fighting back the urge to let them loose. "Only one who lost all that is good inside him could truly understand how she became what she is today." 

"You feel it, don't you? All those silly emotions will soon drift away. Once the pain of love is gone, you will start to see things as clearly as I do." She stroked Nalia's face, sending a deep chill down her spine. 

"Are we not wise enough to handle such a powerful gift? We will be careful, then, to use it only when the situation is dire. It could prove most necessary in times of war or danger," Avrem exclaimed. 

He had to let it all go. He let go of the fear that he would never see his family again, that he would never see Nalia again. He let go of the fear that he would never know what it would feel like to be an old man or have a family. He let go of the fear that this was the end. 

"The desperation in his eyes ignited a fire inside her, and in that moment, she realized that she needed him more than she needed anything else. For the first time in a month, she thought that maybe she could go on, with him by her side. And for the first time in her life, she desired something more than she had desired getting her gift." 

"I want to hear you say it. Memories can only show me the action, but they can't show motive." 

"Nalia knew how losing someone could change you and how it could make every fiber of your being hurt so much that you never wanted to go back to that feeling. Nalia had pushed those feelings down for so long so that she wouldn't feel anything. Only now, did she realize what such an act could cost her." 

"But don't you see? You are just like me: the same restless anger, the same need for acceptance and love, the same shattered heart. You will end up the same, no matter what happens. The darkness finds us all eventually, once we stop stumbling foolishly in the light," Agithara said callously. 

"A dream invader. At worst, they can kill you in your sleep, and at best, they haunt you. It's said to be one of the most brutal ways to kill someone. You are being murdered without even knowing it, so you can't fight back," Lyris said." 

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