Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writers Who Write About Death

   I have noticed a trend in a lot of children's books out there (Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson to name the most popular). A lot of fantasy books feature the main character that has a parent  that has deceased or gone missing. Some just have characters where their parent is absentee.
As I was driving down the freeway I thought about this some more. I wondered why many authors have this in their story. Is it for dramatic effect? Is it to gain our trust and devotion to the character? Perhaps it comes from their own personal experiences.
    I wonder how many of these authors have actually stood in the face of death. I'm not sure how well you can write about death unless you've really felt the sting of it youself. I wonder how many of these authors have ever had to hold a dying loved one in their arms.
    When I started writing about Nalia it wasn't to write a series of novels. I didn't have anyone to impress or win over. I wrote because I had to get out what I kept hidden inside. I wrote because it was killing me not to.
    I was only 10 when my mother, my brother and I found my father's body in our apartment floor. He died alone of a heart attack. I remember the feeling of holding his body and touching his face praying for warmth because to me warmth meant the chance that he was still alive.
    I think it's good that there are several children's and young adult books that feature this aspect of loss because there are so many children who like me needed to feel that they weren't alone in what they were going through.
   Perhaps that's the only reason I began writing at a young age. I was just fighting for ways to get it all out.

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