Saturday, February 19, 2011


Unemployment can do lot's of things. It can make you take jobs you wouldn't normally, it can make you utterly depressed or it can make you do things you never thought you could do (things you weren't brave enough to do because you had the comfort of a job). My situation is a combination of the last two.

    Well technically I'm not unemployed, I have a part-time job working at a high school. This does not pay nearly enough for all the bills that come along with living in Los Angeles. I have a grad degree in teaching. That was the plan, to become a teacher. I was going to have my own classroom and set up educational learning posters and tell all the children to sit quietly in their seats.
Yea that didn't happen.
Apparently we like to spend more money on war than we do on education, hence there are no jobs for new teachers (and older ones).

     So I got a job working for an after school program, running the computer lab and detention. I was scared at first, working in a high school, I was used to working with preschoolers and 1st graders. They won me over though and I love the kids I work with, I just wish I could do it full time.

      So all this free time allowed me to do what I was going to do later in my career: write.

 I always knew I wanted to write children's books so this just happened sooner rather than later.

This blog will venture into the crazy world that I created in my first novel Nalia and the Potion Maker.

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