Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Realist or Dreamist?

The everyday struggle of a writer.

Everyone at some point must make the decision whether they are going to live in their real lives or their dream lives. In my dream life, I am writing in a cafe next to the Eiffel Tower. In my real life, I am stuck in traffic watching the birds fly by. In my dream life, I live in a big house on the hills with my happy family. In my real life, I am writing in my room, by myself mostly. In my dream life, I am eating Steak Diane, shrimp and mashed potatoes. In my real life, I am eating peanut butter toast.

I would venture to say that most writers live in their dream worlds. And most people live in other people's dream worlds. For example, every time you read a book, watch a movie or a T.V. show, you are diving into a world that someone else has created.

I would label myself what I call a dreamist, someone who chooses to believe that their dream world can become their real world. Some may call this idealism but I think dreamists world's are highly fantasized and far more romanticized. I am also a realist however and so there is a war going on inside my head as to which world wins.

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  1. I too believe in making your dreams reality. You dream, then you live out those dreams. Or something.